About Us

We specialize in the personal customization of many products! Such as QR Code Stands, Tissue Box Covers, Toothbrush holders, & Much more! Pick one of our products, & Get any design you want! 

Why you want our products!

There are many things in life that we don’t “need”. But everyone pays for convenience and efficiency! After seeing our current products & slick design capabilities, you’ll definitely want our products!

Who do we Serve?

We Serve Customers & Businesses from all walks of life!  Here are just a few!

QR Stands (Business)

Car Salesman - Don’t be boring, stand out from next guy! Have something cool on your desk that easily allows customers access to your contact information! 

Tattoo Shops - Whether it’s at your front podium, convention, or just an Artist’s station, customers will be able access your Website, Social Media, & more importantly your Portfolio! 

Restaurants - Sometimes, customers just don’t want a menu due to any number of reasons. Have an awesome Customized QR Stand on each table, that allows customers digital access to the menu & daily specials! Customers can even screenshot their favorite meal for next time! 

AirBnbs - Owners of Rental Properties don’t really have a single ‘store front’ for their business. Rather, every single home they rent out acts as one for their customers & guests! How nice would it be, to have your temporary guests have access to your very own, company branded QR Stand, where guests can easily access your contact information, website, & more! Perhaps, even near by attractions? 


Regular Consumers - Our products aren’t just for business. We offer all types of customizable products for personal use as well! Some examples include, customizable Tissue Box Covers, Phone Cases, Toothbrush holders, & Much More! 



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